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Where to travel in 2021 - our favourite destinations

Where to travel in 2021: our favourite destinations

30 Sep 2020 | Travel tips
Photo: Where to travel in 2021 - our favourite destinations

2020 goes into the books as one of the worst travel years of all time. We all have wanderlust but we can’t travel this year. It’s time to look further, time to think about next year. But the question is: where to travel in 2021? In this travel blog we’re sharing our favourite destinations of the last 10 years. Great destinations to visit and to have an awesome holiday. Here we go!

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Roadtrip Scotland

Our road trip through Scotland was one of our biggest surprises in the last years. We were blown away by the impressive Scottish landscapes and hospitality. We started our road trip from Edinburgh, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe I have ever seen.

Autumn in Scotland - Road trip Scotland
Autumn in Scotland – Road trip Scotland
On the top of The Storr - Isle of Skye
On the top of The Storr (Isle of Skye)

We drove along the north coast of Scotland to visit Rosehearty, continued our trip and visited Loch Ness, Isle of Skye, Portree and Ballachulish. An amazing trip through the amazing Scottish Highlands. We recommend this country definitely.

Travel video about Scotland

Island hopping Greece

Our second favourite trip is definitely our island hop experience in Greece. We started this beautiful trip in the historic city Athens. After 3 days of city tripping in beautiful Athens, we took the ferry from the harbour.

Greek Island Amorgos - where to travel in 2021
Greek Island Amorgos

Our first destination was the Greek Island Amorgos. A wonderful island with French influences and absolutely the perfect start for a Greek island hop trip. Followed by the Greek island Naxos and Tinos. We often think about this wonderful trip through the Cyclades. Have you been to Greece?

Idyllic beach at Tinos
Idyllic beach at Tinos

Travel video about Greece

Camper trip Australia

Australia is our favourite country to live, but also to travel. Before we moved to Darwin, we visited Australia 3 times. We made an amazing camper trip along the east coast of Australia from Cairns to Melbourne.

Beautiful red blossom tree in Darwin - where to travel in 2021
Beautiful red blossom tree in Darwin

Places like Cairns, Airlie Beach, Rockhampton, Pebbly Beach, Brisbane and Philip Island has stolen our hearts. Travelling in Australia makes us speechless. The amazing national parks, friendly Aussies and wonderful beaches, we can’t get enough of it. Gather your friends, hire a camper and have fun in Australia.

Brisbane city
Brisbane city – where to travel in 2021

Citytrip Porto

Before we went to Porto, we had no idea what to expect. But during our trip to Portugal, we fell in love with this beautiful city. If you like traditional Portuguese houses, beautiful bridges, painted facades and Port (wine), you absolutely gonna love this city.

Train station São Bento
Train station São Bento – where to travel in 2021

The harbour of Porto is a must-visit. Enjoy the various restaurants, port houses, boats and have a romantic walk along the water. Are you in for a city trip Porto?

Harbour of Porto
Harbour of Porto

Hotel tips Porto

Travel video about Porto

Holiday in Bali

Last year we went to Indonesia to explore Bali. That was a great experience! The impressive rice fields, delicious food, sea salt makers, tree houses and the friendly Indonesian people made us speechless.

Agung vulcano Bali - where to travel in 2021
Agung vulcano, Bali – where to travel in 2021

Indonesia lives from tourism, it’s a way of life. During this horrible COVID-19 pandemic lots of people in Indonesia lost their jobs. It’s so important to help these people. Book a holiday to Bali or another beautiful Indonesian island and help the people. Have you been to Indonesia?

Dining with locals, Bali
Dining with locals, Bali

Hotel tips Bali

What’s your next destination? 🙂

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