Sightseeing Adelaide – We (Martin & I) went to South-Australia in december 2019 to visit the beautiful city Adelaide. A city with 1.3 million inhabitants. When travelling through Australia, Adelaide is maybe not the first city on your list, that was my first opinion too. But I have a little regret why I not visiting Adelaide earlier.


Adelaide is a city full of nice restaurants and beautiful sights. There’s also a lot to see around the city centre of Adelaide. In this blog I’ll take you with me to Adelaide and share my experience and tips about Adelaide with you.

Adelaide city centre - what to do in Adelaide
The city centre

Facts about Adelaide

  • Adelaide is the capital city of South-Australia.
  • The best time to visit Adelaide is from november until april. Then you have the best chance of beautiful (and summer) weather.
  • Adelaide is seen as a large wine producing center. All suburbs of the city are dedicated to vineyards and plantations. Watch all the great wine tours here!
  • Many people combine a visit to Adelaide with a visit to the beautiful Kangaroo Island. Read more about Kangaroo Island.
  • The average price for a hotel stay in Adelaide is 95 AUD per night. View all hotel possibilities here.

Video about Adelaide

From our hometown Darwin it is a 3.5 hour flight to Adelaide (from Sydney to Adelaide it is only a 2 hour flight). Because it is a domestic flight you don’t have to deal with long queues, so we could board quickly.

The Chancellor on Currie

In Adelaide we took the bus to the center which dropped us off near The Chancellor on Currie, the hotel where we stayed for 4 days. The Chancellor on Currie is a beautiful hotel, with a good price and a very good location. We got off at Currie Street in the Central Business District of Adelaide. A very central location, so we could go in all directions.

The Chancellor on Currie – Photo:

Upon arrival we had to get used to the weather in Adelaide, it was 17 degrees and a bit rainy. While in Darwin we were used to temperatures of 30+. We had already put our vests and long pants in our suitcase just for sure. Fortunately, the sun came through soon which made it a lot more pleasant. Read more about the Chancellor on Currie.

Fountain and view at he St Peter's Cathedral
Fountain and view at he St Peter’s Cathedral

Christmas in the city

After checking in at the hotel it was time to explore the city. As in other cities, Adelaide was also Christmassy, although I have to say that they kept it pretty limited. But it doesn’t have to be a fairground either.

Adelaide is a very easy city to walk in. The streets in the city center are all straight, and if you look on the city map you see that it is all straightforward. So it’s hard to get lost.

Christmas atmosphere in the city centre
Christmas atmosphere in the city centre
Adelaide Arcade - what to do in Adelaide
Adelaide Arcade
Christmas tree in Adelaide
Christmas tree in the city

Food spots for everyone

When we walk in the main streets we pass many beautiful shops, atmospheric lunchrooms, restaurants and typical Australian cafes. There is something for everyone. Finding a good restaurant is no problem in the city. There are many good Italian, Greek, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese and Indian restaurants. And there’s so much more.

Drinking a beer in Adelaide city centre
Drinking a beer in the centre

Blackebys Old Sweet Shop

Tip: for everyone who loves sweet, take a look at Blackebys Old Sweet Shop. This is a store full of candy, from the old famous candies until the new ones. This store is absolutely a photo worthy place.

Leigh Street

Tip: our favourite street for lunch or diner is Leigh Street. Here you will find a variety of cuisines, such as a Japanese, Korean and a Spanish restaurant. It’s also a good place for having a drink.

Leigh Street
Leigh Street

Malt and Juniper

The first morning when we were looking for a breakfast, we accidentally ended up at Malt and Juniper. A typical Australian bartender welcomes us and having a nice chat with us. We order a coffee and breakfast and enjoying the indie rock music what’s playing. The (delicious) breakfast was lovingly prepared for us by the lady behind the bar and the coffee was also delicious. Malt and Juniper is een great place to have a breakfast or a drink in the evening.

Hains & Co

Besides Malt and Juniper we also like to tip Hains & Co. Hains & Co is the place to be if you like to have a drink among the locals. A cozy bar, with cozy decor (be sure to pay attention to the nice details) and a large assortment of drinks.

Hains & Co - what to do in Adelaide
Hains & Co

Tip: take a good look upstairs in the city and at the buildings around you. You will find a lot of beautiful street art.

Street art in Adelaide
Street art
Street art in Adelaide
Street art

Haighs Chocolates

Tip: if you like chocolate just like us, don’t miss the Australian family business Haigh’s Chocolates. Haigh’s Chocolates was founded in 1915 by Alfred E. Haigh and now has outlets in four states. Haigh’s Chocolates is a household name in South-Australia.

Haighs Chocolates
Haighs Chocolates

Nature around the city

If we look further than the city centre, we quickly discover that Adelaide is surrounded by nature. Several beautiful city parks can be reached from the heart of the city. First we decide to walk along the river in the direction of the Botanical Gardens.

We leave the city behind us and walk to the Adelaide Oval
We leave the city behind us and walk to the Adelaide Oval

When we leave the city behind us, we first see the huge stadium of Adelaide: the Adelaide Oval. When we walk along the stadium we find out there’s a cricket match between Pakistan and Australia.

Adelaide Oval
Adelaide Oval (stadium)

From the gate we have a view on the playing field and we can get a bit of the atmosphere.

In the Adelaide Oval
In the Oval

From the park at the Adelaide Oval you have a beautiful view of St. Peter’s Church.

Karrawirri Parri

The closer we get to the Karrawirri Parri River, the quieter it gets. Except on the water, we see more and more rowers active there. Along the river there are several rowing clubs.

Walking along the river
Walking along the river

Because the Karrawirri Parri river runs right through the north of Adelaide, this area gives a more playful feeling and there is also a lot more green to spot. In any case, we love to wander around here and enjoy the birds and reptiles that we see jumping by regularly.

Rowers on the river - what to do in Adelaide
Rowers on the river
Pelicans sitting along the river
Pelicans sitting along the river

Botanical Gardens

When we approach the botanical gardens, we notice that they are also Australian again. Beautiful walkways surrounded by the most special plants and trees.

Botanical Gardens
Botanical Gardens
Blossom trees at the Botanical Gardens
Blossom trees at the Botanical Gardens

These Botanical Gardens are special, beside the beautiful nature you can also visit the the National Wine Centre of Australia. If you love wine as well as nature, this is the place to be.

National Wine Centre of Australia
National Wine Centre of Australia

Port Adelaide

In the afternoon we decide to take the train in the direction of Port Adelaide to have a lunch and explore the surroundings.

Port Adelaide
Port Adelaide

Dolphins and Railway Museum

Port Adelaide is an area that is developing very much. I think this area will be more crowded in the future. In Port Adelaide you have the opportunity to take a boat trip and spot dolphins. You can also visit the Railway Museum or have a good diner in one of the restaurants. Port Adelaide is an industrial environment,

In Port Adelaide you have the opportunity to take a boat trip and spot dolphins. You can also visit the Railway Museum or just have a bite to eat somewhere and enjoy this industrial environment. Many old buildings and statues are still visible.

Beautiful old buildings at Port Adelaide
Beautiful old buildings

It was very quite on the street when we were there, especially at the harbour itself. Maybe because of the period or time. We were there in the afternoon. The offer of restaurants and museums etc. is fine, so it is probably busier at other times.

We liked to have seen it for a while, but for a few hours, not for a whole day. If you have enough time during your Adelaide trip it will be nice to visit, otherwise we would rather recommend a visit to the beaches of Adelaide.

Nice things to do nearby Adelaide

Mount Lofty

If you like hiking, go to Mount Lofty. We did the hike from Waterfall Gully to Mount Lofty. It was a tough climb, with finally a magnificent view of the city of Adelaide. If you don’t like hiking you can drive straight to Moint Lofty for the view. Watch our video about Mount Lofty now.

Brighton (Beach)

Adelaide has several beaches you can go to. We have chosen Brighton Beach. A wonderful place to leave the bustling city of Adelaide behind you. Watch our atmospheric video about Brighton Beach.

Besides Brighton Beach, beach lovers also like to visit Glenelg Beach, Seacliff Beach, Henley Beach and West Beach.

Have a good trip to Adelaide! If you have any questions? Just let me know. Leave your comment below.

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