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Most beautiful places in Australia

The most beautiful places in Australia to visit!

29 Jun 2021 | Travel tips
Photo: Most beautiful places in Australia

In recent years I have traveled a lot through Australia. In 2008 I visited many places during my internship in Sydney, but I also discovered many beautiful places in Australia during holidays. And especially now that we live in Australia, the list of places that I can recommend is getting bigger and bigger. Time to take stock and share my favorite places in Australia with you. In this blog I share the most beautiful places in Australia. Are you traveling with us?

Kakadu National Park

I have visited many different national parks in Australia. From the east coast, the south to the far north. Of all the national parks we visited, Kakadu National Park was a very special one. During our visit to Kakadu in 2020 we made a boat trip at Yellow Water, a flight over the rugged landscapes and we climbed the Ubirr (Rock).

Ubirr rock - The most beautiful places in Australia to visit!
Ubirr (Rock)
Kakadu National Park from the air
Kakadu National Park from the air

Kakadu is a very beautiful national park, during my visit I regularly had goosebumps on my arms. Especially when we were on top of the Ubirr. The panoramic view on the Ubirr is fantastic, and you should really experience it yourself. In addition, there are many beautiful trails, swimming holes and other beautiful sights to be found in Kakadu National Park. You won’t get bored of this huge national park in the Northern Territory. Read more about Kakadu National Park

Magnetic Island

Although Australia itself is a large island, Australia also has many smaller islands. These thousands of islands are very different from each other and one island is more beautiful than the other. But some islands really stand out, like Magnetic Island. This island in Queensland, near Townsville, is a paradise. Those who love tropical beaches, Australian wildlife and hiking are in the right place on Magnetic Island.

Geoffrey Bay  - The most beautiful places in Australia to visit!
Geoffrey Bay
Picnic Bay
Picnic Bay

We visited this special island during our North Queensland trip in 2020 and would like to return. To me Magnetic Island is a small version of Australia. Especially because of the many wildlife that you can spot in a fairly small area. There is a nice atmosphere on the island and there are many places where you can go hiking.

Breakaways (Coober Pedy)

Coober Pedy might be Australia’s most special place. At a 9-hour drive from Adelaide you will find this place, which is mainly underground. But I don’t want to talk about Coober Pedy itself now, I would like to share with you a special place near Coober Pedy.

Get to know the Kanku-Breakaways Conservation Park, a magical place especially visited during the sunset. Just have a look at Breakaways around sunset and enjoy a beautiful spectacle.

Kanku-Breakaways Conservation Park
Beautiful view at Kanku-Breakaways Conservation Park
Sunset at Kanku-Breakaways Conservation Park

Daintree National Park

I personally think the Daintree National Park is the most beautiful national park in Queensland. Daintree is the home of the cassowary and is a beautiful area if you like nature, wildlife, mangroves and tropical beaches. This place has been high on my list for a long time, and that turned out not to be unjustified. What a special place!!

Beautiful view at Daintree National Park
Beautiful view at Daintree National Park
Cassowaries at Daintree National Park - The most beautiful places in Australia to visit!
Cassowaries at Cape Tribulation

In Daintree you will find many beautiful walking trails through the rainforest. During such a walk, you will be surprised of all the trees, plants and tropical sounds. The sounds are already a great experience. Don’t be scared of a heavy rain shower, you are in the rainforest after all. Anyone staying in or near Cairns should not miss Daintree National Park in my opinion! Read more about Daintree Rainforest

Pebbly Beach

Australia has many beautiful beaches. It is therefore difficult to determine which is the most beautiful beach in Australia. However, I would like to highlight one in this list, a wonderful beach which I have fond memories of.

Pebbly Beach
Pebbly Beach
Kangaroos at Pebbly Beach
Kangaroos at Pebbly Beach

During our trip along the east coast of Australia in 2016 we visited Pebbly Beach. An idyllic beach surrounded by natural beauty. Pebbly Beach is known for the many kangaroos that jump over the beach in the evening during sunset. A beautiful sight, especially in such a paradise place. Pebbly Beach is such a beach that you really should visit if you are in the area.

Mary River

You can visit the wetlands in different places in Australia. For me, the first wetlands cruise on the Mary River was one that I will never forget. With a very enthusiastic tour guide with a lot of knowledge about nature and wildlife, we went up the Mary River in Northern Territory. Already after 5 minutes we were face to face with crocodiles, but the Jabiru also showed itself very quickly.

Crocodile at the Mary River
Crocodile at the Mary River
Water lilies in all sizes
Water lilies in all sizes

The area of the Mary River is beautiful and versatile. The many beautiful water lilies, special water birds and crocodiles in all sizes make this area special. If you are in the Top End, a cruise through the wetlands is a must do!

More beautiful places in Australia

And of course Australia has many more beautiful places. I will be expanding the list in the coming years. Do you want to read more great tips about Australia? View all travel blogs about Australia here or check

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