Anonymously booking? With this tip, you will pay never too much for your flight tickets and hotel bookings. When you want to book a holiday, you search on the internet for your flights and hotels at different booking websites. Sometimes you will find the best deals and keep them in mind. In a second visit on the same website, with the same deal, you will be surprised by the price change. The price of the deal has been increased. How is that possible? With the following tip, you can prevent the price increase.

Anonymously modus / private search

To prevent that you must pay more than needed, just search in private mode. Just switch on the incognito mode in Google Chrome or Internet explorer.

How to switch on the ‘incognito’ mode?

After opening your internet browser, click on the ‘CTRL/SHIFT and N’ keys at the same time. This combination of keys opens the private mode. In this mode, you can search for great deals without increasing the price after a second visit. Good luck with finding the great deals.

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