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How to Find Cheap Hotels with

How to find cheap hotels with

14 Sep 2020 | Budget tips
Photo: How to Find Cheap Hotels with

Looking for cheap hotels? Do you sometimes ask the question: ‘How is it possible that other people always sleep in the best and affordable hotels and I don’t? I can easily answer that question: you probably haven’t read this blog yet. In this budget tip blog, I’ll tell you how easy it is to book good and affordable hotels.

Search and book hotels with

Nowadays it’s very easy to filter on and get to the perfect hotel with, which suits you perfectly. A centrally located and well-rated hotel, with WIFI and breakfast and also affordable, who wouldn’t want that? With these handy tips, you will find your perfect hotel in no time.

1 – Choose your accommodation: apartment, hotel, hostel or holiday home?

Ok, the travel destination (example: Barcelona), the number of persons (example: 2 persons) and dates (example: from September 14 until 16 September 2020) are known and we are now in the overview of the city of Barcelona on First of all, you have to make a choice for yourself. Will I go for an apartment, hotel, hostel or rather a holiday home? You can make this choice in the ‘filter menu’ under the heading popular filters on the bottom left. I choose the option of ‘hotels’. After selecting you will see that the list of hotels on the right will be updated.

2 – Choose your budget

The second step is determining your budget. What is the maximum you want to spend on a hotel night? In the filter menu on the left, you can choose hotels between 0 AUD and 81 AUD per night, just like me. After selecting, the list of hotels will be updated again and only those hotels that fall in this category will appear.

Choose your budget - How to find cheap hotels with
Choose your budget – How to find cheap hotels

3 – Select additional requirements

Maybe you have extra wishes such as hotels where breakfast is included, where free WIFI is available or a hotel that is centrally located. All these extra options can be ticked in the filter menu again. Select the wishes and have the list of hotels updated again. I choose a centrally located hotel where breakfast is included.

Select additional requirements for your hotel search
Select additional requirements for your hotel search

4 – Sort by price, rating, quality or distance to center

The last step is to sort the hotels according to your wishes. Do I want to see the cheapest hotels first and sort on ‘price from low to high’ or do I prefer the rating? For the latter select your price & review. Now the hotels will appear in order of the best-rated hotels. By the way, if you book regularly through you can become a Genius and benefit from even more great discounts. As a Genius-booker, you regularly get big discounts on hotels and you can filter on this too.

Sort by price on Booking
Sort by price – How to find cheap hotels

Try it yourself, search now with Booking

If all goes well, you don’t have any more questions now and you can find the cheapest hotels by yourself. Find the perfect accommodation now! If you have a question, feel free to ask it and leave your comment on this page, I’d like to help you.

Become a Genius Booker at Booking!

If you book more often through you can even get 10% extra discount as a Genius booker. You will become a Genius booker if you have booked more than 5 times through At participating hotels, you will get 10% extra discount on your booking and you can also take advantage of extras such as free airport shuttles to the hotel, welcome drinks, late check-out and more. Advantages that are fun, if you can take them with you.

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