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5 fantastic tips on how to make money with Skyscanner

5 fantastic tips on how to make money with Skyscanner!

31 Jan 2018 | Budget tips
Photo: 5 fantastic tips on how to make money with Skyscanner

Big chance you have already heard of or already used it: Skyscanner! The free travel search engine that compares over 1200 parties worldwide that offer flight tickets, hotel bookings, car rentals and holiday deals. We also use Skyscanner more and more often with our search for the cheapest airline tickets.

Save on your flight tickets

Why would you pay too much for your flight tickets and hotel, while it is so easy to save money on these things? Now, what are the things you have to pay attention to when using Skyscanner? We have put 5 simple tips together for you to save money by using Skyscanner.

1. Use the inspiration map

The easiest way is the use of the inspiration map of Skyscanner. This way of searching is ideal when you are very flexible with your departure and return dates. By choosing your airport from where you want to leave, you can find all the cheapest destinations from this airport in the month of departure in one glance.

Use the inspiration map
Use the inspiration map

For example, you can choose for the airport “Amsterdam Schiphol” with departure month “April 2018” and you will see all the cheapest flights to all the destinations from Amsterdam Airport in April 2018. We are a big fan of this way of searching, because we almost never search with a specific date, but we are always trying to be as flexible as possible. Take a look at Skyscanner’s inspiration map.

2. View the monthly deals

A big advantage of Skyscanner is that they offer several ways of searching. One of these ways is searching on “Month”. You select the airport of departure and the month of departure and you get a list of all the destinations from this airport. The flights are sorted from cheapest to most expensive. This is an ideal way of searching when you know when you want to leave, but don’t know what the destination will be yet. View the monthly deals of Skyscanner

View the monthly deals
View the monthly deals

3. Search with several departure locations

Imagine you live right in the middle of two airports, just like us, then it is very clever to check both the airports for the cheapest departures. Search with several departure locations and compare the prices. This can save you quite some money for some destinations. Sometimes it can also be smart to choose another arrival airport on your destination, because it can sometimes be a lot cheaper to travel a little bit longer, but with the same end destination. Reasons for this can be how public transport is arranged at your destination, or sometimes another airport is just closer to your destination.

Search with several departure locations
Search with several departure locations

4. Make your own flight combinations

Searching for flight tickets is usually done by choosing a departure location and a destination location. Searching this way results in most of the time in direct flights or flights that have the best connection. If you want to save money, you can choose to search two separate flights, from different airlines, that have a good connection. You have to book two flights instead of one booking, but it can save you quite a lot of money.

Make your own flight combinations
Make your own flight combinations

Pay attention to the fact that you are booking two separate flights and when you are having a delay with your first flight it is your own problem that you might miss your connected flight and you can’t blame the first airline for missing your connection. So it is a bit of a risk, but you can always check your travel insurance whether it covers the costs.

5. Follow the Skyscanner blogs and social media posts

For travellers that are very flexible and don’t have a travel destination yet, we recommend keeping an eye on the featured news on the website and social media channels of Skyscanner. Regularly we see interesting articles with nice travel tips and good deals with the possibility of booking these destinations directly. It is also possible to subscribe to Skyscanner’s newsletter, just like we did.

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