Support The Locals

We can’t ignore it, we’re in crisis with the whole world. A time full of uncertainty, fear and powerlessness. But also a time full of togetherness, in which the best of mankind comes to the surface. The love of travel will always remain, only now it is the time to put our local heroes in the spotlight.

Support The Locals

With our #SupportTheLocals campaign, we want to call on people to share their appreciation of local heroes. This could be the bakery around the corner, the restaurant where you ate last week, or that sweet neighbour who is always there for you. Support the local heroes and encourage them.

How can you join?

Leave your comment and appreciation under the message and TAG that person or local company. Use #SupportTheLocals

It is also possible to respond below this message on our website.

We’ll get out of this!

Lots of love…team Liefde voor Reizen