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Sleeping in a cave in Coober Pedy

Sleeping in a cave in Coober Pedy, a unique experience!

13 Oct 2020 | Accommodations
Photo: Sleeping in a cave in Coober Pedy

Have you ever slept in een cave in Coober Pedy (South Australia)? We’re sharing our story and experience in this blog. Those who drive across Australia and take the Stuart Highway from Melbourne in the direction of Darwin will pass by the special village of Coober Pedy. After hundreds of kilometres of road and infinitely beautiful Australian landscapes Coober Pedy suddenly appears. A town that is mainly known for the opal (a special kind of rock) that is extracted from the ground there.

JAM B&B: Sleeping in a cave

We had booked all our accommodation in advance, because we’re travelling with a dog and we had to book special rooms for dogs. In Coober Pedy we had chosen for JAM B&B, not just any Bed & Breakfast, it is a B&B which is completely underground. The entrance starts with a steep slope down and takes you within a few seconds into a whole different world.

Unique experience

At our arrival we were very kindly received by the owner and we immediately received a tour of the entire B & B. From the outside terrace you walk into the shared living room and kitchen.

Living room JAM B&B
Living room JAM B&B

It is really wonderful to see this cave house with your own eyes. I found the walls and the atmosphere very special. If you’ve never slept in a cave, then this is definitely a must and fun to experience.

Bedroom - JAM B&B
Bedroom – JAM B&B

Shared spaces

The B & B consists of several rooms. We had a room with a shared bathroom, kitchen and toilet (unfortunately there was no other room available), but there are also rooms where you don’t have this.

The kitchen
The kitchen

Sharing spaces (such as a bathroom and toilet) is not really our thing, but that’s of course personal. But I can imagine, if you’re travel by yourself, shared rooms such as a kitchen or living room are good to meet new people.

Outside terrace

Beautiful starry sky

Because Coober Pedy is not very big and the B & B is situated on a very unique location, you can spot a beautiful starry sky in the evening. We made this beautiful picture (see bellow) with a small walk upstairs from the B & B. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Beautiful starry sky
Beautiful starry sky

During posting this blog I found out that this B&B is unfortunately not bookable at the moment. But don’t be sad, there are many more great underground accommodations to book.

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This is fun to do in Coober Pedy

We were only in Coober Pedy for 1 day because we were in transit to Darwin. If you are in Coober Pedy for a few days then the following things are fun to do:

  • Visit Umoona Opal Mine & Museum and do a ‘mine tour’.
Umoona Opal Mine Museum
Umoona Opal Mine Museum
  • Take a look at Serbian Orthadox Church, an underground church in Coober Pedy.
  • Enjoy a breathtaking sunset at Kanku-Breakaways Conservation Park (recommended!!).
Kanku Breakaways Sunset Conservation Park
Kanku Breakaways Sunset Conservation Park

Dining in Coober Pedy

In Coober Pedy you have several restaurants. We had chosen pizza from John’s Pizza Restaurant and that turned out to be a very good choice. After all the schnitzels with fries and Asian dishes this was really a nice change. This restaurant is also known as one of the best pizzeria in Australia. And we understand that!

Spaghetti pizza - John's Pizza Restaurant
Spaghetti pizza – John’s Pizza Restaurant

Is Coober Pedy on your list?

Leave your comment.

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