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Review - Daly Water Pub - Northern Territory Australia

Daly Waters Pub: Northern Territory’s most iconic pub

24 Aug 2020 | Accommodations
Photo: Review - Daly Water Pub - Northern Territory Australia

A historic pub along the infamous Stuart Highway in Northern Territory. That’s what the Daly Waters Pub is! It’s a historic pub in the small town of Daly Waters, which seems to be built around this pub.

Along the Stuart Highway

Daly Waters is located along the Stuart Highway, which is the highway from Darwin to Adelaide. This highway runs from north to south through Australia and is over 2,800km long.

The historic Daly Water Pub in Australia
The historic Daly Water Pub in Australia

World Solar Challenge

This highway is also the venue for the annual Solar Challenge Race, in which student teams from different countries compete to set the fastest time with their solar car from Darwin to Adelaide. Where along the Stuart Highway you’ll find various places to stay and stops to rest, eat or drink, the stop in Daly Waters is quite a special one.

Bras, caps, old stuff and lots of beer

At the Daly Waters Pub you can stop for gasoline, food, drinks and overnight stays in cottages, or with your caravan.

Bras caps and other stuff hanging above the Daly Water Pub bar
Bras, caps and other stuff hanging above the Daly Water Pub bar

This pub is a place of interest in itself because it is old and you can see that especially from all the memories that were left there by previous travellers. From driving licenses and license plates, which are enjoyed at the bar, to caps and bras hanging above the bar. You can’t think of it like that, or it hangs there and the pub is full of it.

Daly Water Pub
Daly Water Pub

Old petrol station

Apart from the fact that the pub is an attraction in itself, there is even more to experience outside. The outside is already a picture in itself and opposite the pub a petrol station has been set up, which still looks very old, but with new pumps.

Old petrol station at the Daly Waters Pub in Northern Territory Australia
Old petrol station


Behind the petrol station, there is a barn furnished as a museum, where all kinds of stuff from the Second World War are on display, such as cars, motorcycles and uniforms.

Funny museum with old stuff
Funny museum with old stuff

But there are also cars from movies and a huge crocodile hangs from the ceiling. There is a lot to see and above all, they love humour! A lot of things are put down with a lot of madness and that is a lot of fun to walk through a museum like that.

Including the police car from Wolf Creek the movie
Including the police car from Wolf Creek the movie

Overnight stay

We booked an overnight stay at the Daly Waters Pub in the motel, where we are allowed to stay with our dog Joey. Our room is quietly situated behind a small playground about 100 meters from the bar. We can enjoy live music on our terrace for the evening, which can be heard in the bar every night.

Overnight at the Daly Waters Pub
Overnight at the Daly Waters Pub

Beer garden

There is a large ‘bear-garden’ next to the bar where everyone eats a bite to eat and listens to the music. For the food, you can choose from the normal menu of the kitchen, where you will find mainly schnitzels, burgers and pasta’s and you can also order fish or meat from the BBQ, which is then freshly prepared in the evening on a special BBQ at the ‘bear-garden’.

The beer garden for a good diner and live music in the evening
The beer garden for a good diner and live music in the evening

They also have a separate pizza oven, where you can order fresh pizzas. When you’ve finished your main meal, there’s also an extensive ice-cream stall at the ‘bear-garden’ to fill the holes with.

Kangaroos and snakes

After dinner, we went for a short walk with Joey our dog and we soon ran into a kangaroo and several other little creatures, because you are just off the highway and then there is more wildlife to see.

Caution watch out for snakes
Caution: watch out for snakes

Daly Waters is about 6.5 hours drive from Darwin and about 10 hours drive from Alice Springs. If you go by car from Darwin to Alice Springs or vice versa, don’t skip Daly Waters, because it’s highly recommended along the Stuart Highway! An attraction and lots of fun!

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