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Daintree Wilderness Lodge - Cape Tribulation

Daintree Wilderness Lodge: sleeping in the rainforest

09 Feb 2021 | Accommodations
Photo: Daintree Wilderness Lodge - Cape Tribulation

One of the greatest stays during our North Queensland in Australia trip was at Daintree Wilderness Lodge. Sleeping in the middle of the rainforest, what an unique experience. Waking up with the sounds of the rainforest, having dinner and breakfast between huge rainforest trees, we still think and dream about it. Sleeping at Daintree Wilderness Lodge was a lifetime experience for us. In this blog you can read more about our experience.

Footbridges between the lodges - Daintree Wilderness Lodge
Footbridges between the lodges

The lodges are spread throughout the rainforest and are connected by beautiful footbridges. The walk to our lodge was an adventure in itself. It was still raining cats and dogs, just like the Daintree River Cruise that we had done the same morning. We had a very hospitable welcome and nice chat with the owner when we checked in. The owner gave us an umbrella which is indispensable during rainy days like these.

Our lodge
Our lodge

We were so excited when we did our first walk to our lodge. Shall we spotting animals? There is a chance to spot the cassowary, the owner said. The most dangerous bird in the world, wow! And it’s also possible to spot the cassowary nearby the lodge, because the fruits they eat lying on the ground between the lodges. Unfortunately we spotted no cassowary nearby the lodge, but we spotted a Bandicoot sniffing around our lodge during sunset.

Our lodge from inside
Our lodge from inside

The room is nice and spacious, with a good bed. Opposite the bed you will find a sideboard with television, water boiler and fridge.

Beautiful bathroom - Daintree Wilderness Lodge
Beautiful bathroom – Photo: Booking

The lodge has a beautiful bathroom, where you really have the feeling that you are in the rainforest while showering. When you look outside from the bathroom window you see a lot of green and you have the feeling that some wildlife is staring at you.

Our bench and terrace on the front - Daintree Wilderness Lodge
Our bench and terrace on the front

You can choose to chill out on the sofa inside, or enjoy a coffee or wine in the evening on the terrace in front of the lodge. There is no television signal (you can ask the owner for DVDs). But I think that’s a good point, because in this area you can completely unwind.

You immediately step into the rainforest
You immediately step into the rainforest

We had chosen to dine in the restaurant, because we’re very curious about the cuisine and thought the restaurant looked very cozy.

The restaurant
The restaurant – Photo: Booking

Before it was time to eat, we enjoyed a whiskey, which can be ordered at the bar in the restaurant. In the restaurant we had also the possibility to go online for a while, as there is free WIFI available. In the lodge itself you have a bit of 4G, but not a strong signal.

A bar where you can order beer, wine or spirits
A bar where you can order beer, wine or spirits
Enjoy a whiskey with the sounds of the rainforest in the background
Enjoy a whiskey with the sounds of the rainforest in the background

After a delicious dinner, we enjoyed the rainforest from our lodge for a while. Around 10 o’clock in the evening, it started raining again. We were very tired from all the impressions and because of the rain we fell asleep very quick.

The next day, we were spoiled with a great breakfast in the restaurant. I had chosen scrambled eggs with bacon, but you can also choose a continental breakfast, where you get yoghurt and bread rolls among other things. With a good breakfast and 2 cups of coffee, we were ready for the next adventure.

Enjoying a delicious breakfast
Enjoying a delicious breakfast

About Daintree Wilderness Lodge

We were really looking forward to spending the night at Daintree Wilderness Lodge. We had never spent a night in the rainforest before and had never been to Daintree National Park before. Spending the night at Daintree Wilderness Lodge was even more special than we had expected.

The rainforest is definitely something you must experience.

You have to experience and feel the rainforest. It is impossible to convey such a place fully through photos and videos. When you’re at the rainforest itself, you will realise how beautiful the rainforest really is. So many beautiful tropical trees and plants together and so much wildlife. And don’t forget all the sounds..

One thing is sure, we will come back one day to experience that feeling again. Have you ever slept in the rainforest?

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