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Discover Howth near Dublin - Ireland

Howth: beautiful nature close to vibrant Dublin

19 Mar 2020 | Ireland
Photo: Discover Howth near Dublin - Ireland

If you know me well, you know I’m crazy about Ireland. I love being in Dublin. I have been to vibrant Dublin again this year. This time I went together with my brother and sister. It was an unforgettable weekend, we enjoyed the city, but also discovered a piece of Irish nature. I would like to talk about that nature near Dublin. Travel with me to Howth, a peninsula 40 minutes drive from the centre of Dublin.

Lighthouse in Howth
Lighthouse in Howth


I’d never heard of it. While my search on Google Maps I found this peninsula. I started my search for more information about Howth and I was immediately excited about this destination. I want to see this!

Train from Connolly Station to Howth Railway Station
Train from Connolly Station to Howth Railway Station

After 2 wonderful days in Dublin we had planned our visit to Howth for Sunday. We took the Dart (train) from Connolly station and arrived at Howth Railway Station within 30 minutes.

We were not the only ones, the train was quite full. At Howth Railway Station, the last station on this ride, we also noticed that it was very busy. It was beautiful weather that day, 14 degrees and the sun was shining.

Fish paradise

From the station we walked directly to the left to see the harbour. Several nice restaurants and shops are located on this quay, where especially fish lovers can enjoy. Beware of the many seagulls that fly there, before you know it you’ve lost your fish or you’re under the seagull poop. We walked to the end and then back again to see the rest of Howth.

Tourists in row for fresh fish
Tourists in row for fresh fish

Italian ice cream

When we walk on the other side along the water we see a lot of fishing boats and a bit further we see a lot of fishing nets with some crabs and small fishes.

We cross the road to take the main street with nice restaurants, coffee bars and shops again. Fish lovers definitely like it here. Many groups of Italian students walking around here. Perhaps a study trip. Because of the sunny weather, the Italian ice cream is very popular in Howth.

I’m starting to like it more and more when we walk towards the cliffs. We are definitely not the only one who’s starting this walk, but that shouldn’t spoil the fun.

Tourists on the pier in Howth
Tourists on the pier

When we see more and more of the nature, we’re realise that this is a very special place. This is the reason that we went to Howth and left the city behind for a moment. I am impressed, again! The beginning is already beautiful.

Beautiful view
Beautiful view

We see the water sloshing against the rocks, gulls floating above the water and when we look a little higher we see beautiful Irish houses. What a beautiful place!!

Beautiful rocks on the water
Beautiful rocks on the water – Howth, Ireland

The further up we go the more beautiful the landscape becomes. If you like you can walk around here for hours and enjoy the Irish nature.

Landscape with horses - Howth Cliff Walk
Landscape with horses – Howth Cliff Walk
High cliff - Howth, Ireland
High cliff

After an hour we decide to go back downstairs and look for a coffee. What a beautiful place and so close to Dublin. I can recommend Howth to everyone who is going to Dublin for a long weekend. Read more about Howth in Ireland

Video about Howth

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