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Hi dear travel enthusiasts,

I am Martin Brinkman, 39 years old and I live in Deventer. In my daily work I am Financial Controller at a carlease company called XLLease in Apeldoorn, so therefor it was my job to fulfill the budgetcoach part of this travelblog. The combination of being a financial and my love for travelling makes me eager to do as much as possible for as less money as possible, but with a certain kind of comfort.

My role as budgetcoach

I will try to give you as much tips as possible on to save some money, so you can enjoy travelling even more. I am not really a camper type kind of guy, despite that I like to go to music festivals and stay a weekend in a little tent on the huge festival campings. I really like the music and fun of the festivals, especially when the weather is good. 🙂 On holidays I rather have a room with an own toilet and a shower, so I have a relaxt feeling that no one is rushing me. Next to travelling and music I really like soccer and above all lots of laughing and fun!

Countries I have been to:

Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, United Kingdom, Hungary, Poland, Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Cuba, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Ireland and Tasmania.

CYA at!

Greetings Martin