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How nice of you to visit this website and that you are ‘visiting’ my personal page. I will introduce myself short. My name is Marloes and I was born in 1989. When I was little I spend a lot of time outdoors with my two older brothers and loving parents. We camped a lot in the forests in The Netherlands and also in foreign countries. I have huge interest in travelling and I enjoy every moment of every trip I make!

Working as a music therapist

I also like music very much, just like I like people very much. Therefor I work as a music therapist. Ideally I like to travel as primitive as possible, the less luxury the better. Why? Because I have the feeling to come the closest possible to the pureness of the world and ‘ the creation’ . Without luxury I realise myself that I can do without it! It is great to sniff the fresh air, while you crawl out of your tent and look over a fjord! I like to be active during my holidays so we do a lot of hiking and touring.

These are the countries I visited till now:

  • Scandinavia, in summer and winter! Scandinavia has really gotten a place in my heart! Adventurous and very beautiful landscapes!
  • New Zealand, a country where you are surprised of the nature every day again.
  • France, the country of love and beautiful weather.
  • Germany, the country of beer and sausages. Off course also the Berlin Wall, impressive!
  • Luxembourg, the caves and forests.
  • Belgium, with the beautiful Ardennes.
  • Italy, the culture and the nature, beautiful!
  • Portugal, many-sided and surprising nature.
  • Spain, I was impressed to see the drought of the land.
  • Indonesia, Java, Bali, the culture, the climate and the landscapes were very impressive to see.
  • Austria/Switzerland, the beautiful mountains and nice hikes.
  • Egypt, the country of the pyramids and the deserts.
  • United Kingdom, the country of the rough landscapes and castles.

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