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Team Travelcows

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Welcome to the travel bloggers page of At this page you will meet our bloggers from Australia and the Netherlands.

Meet our travel bloggers

Jesper (Australia)

Martin (Australia)

Marloes (The Netherlands)

Bert (The Netherlands)

All travel bloggers do their best to get the best possible and fairest possible image of the visited countries, tested travel gear and the experienced adventures. The reporters are, of course, also open to questions and comments. Adventurous greetings, team of!

Hi traveller,

We are the Travelcows! After felling in love with Australia and the rest of the world we moved to Australia with a backpack full of travel experiences. Nowadays we share our experience about Australia with inspiring travel blogs. Fair stories with travel tipsbudget tips and accommodations you don’t want to miss. Martin & Jesper

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