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About us is founded by Marper – Design & Website Development. Marper especially focusses on developing websites and is founded in September 2013 by Jesper van der Pol in Deventer (The Netherlands). The last few years Jesper has travelled a lot and he has gotten many inspiring insights from these travels. The love to travel became more and more and a new concept was born:!

Travelblog full of passion for travelling!

Jesper has collaborated in 2014 with Marloes Dubbeldam, Bert Dubbeldam and Martin Brinkman to realise this new concept. Travelling is the most beautiful thing there is for a lot of people. Falling in love with a new country, city or area, isn’t it the best feeling there is?! collects the nicest stories, coolest tips and let you dream away with the best spots on earth.

On new travel blogs, budget tips, travel videos and travel news will be placed regularly. Meet the travel bloggers of at the bottom of this page. Also, read our vision! is based in Darwin (Australia), so you find a lot of inspiring travel blogs about Australia.

Team Travelcows
Team Travelcows – Jesper & Martin

Beautiful cooperations has already worked together with several beautiful companies. We are always open to new suggestions and collaborations. Our bloggers team exists of 4 regular travel bloggers who all have their specialism. This differentiates us as a travel website and creates a bond with our regular followers and visitors. It also generates curiosity by potential new followers. This leads to daily growth on the website and social media channels. Read more about collaboration!

Social Media

At the moment we are focussing our social media attention especially on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. With these social media channels, we reach more than 45.000 travellers currently.

Target Audience

The target audience exists for 70% out of travel-loving women between 25 and 34 years of age, of which 75% comes from The Netherlands and 10% from Belgium. Do you wish to know more about the target audience, ask for our media kit.

Do you have a question about our travel blog, social media channels or target audience? Contact us now!

We wish you lots of reading- and travelpleasure!

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